The Owner's Favorites

With a passion for exquisite coffee, her favorite brew is our Tall Dark n' Handsome, while Satin 'n Silk holds a special place as a close runner-up. A lover of classic TV shows, she finds joy in the timeless humor of I Love Lucy and the captivating drama of Law & Order SVU.

Embracing the pure essence of coffee, our owner prefers her cup black, with no cream, and no sugar, allowing the rich flavors to dance on her palate. When it's time to decompress, she finds solace in the realm of physical activity or engaging in playful moments with furry companions, their boundless energy adding a sprinkle of magic to her day.

Exploration and relaxation intertwine in her favorite vacation spots, where she can venture into new horizons or bask in the tranquility of sun-kissed beaches. A true advocate for small businesses, our owner's commitment and love for her own venture extend beyond The Bean Is Green. She delights in supporting and growing other small enterprises, adding to the tapestry of enchantment woven by passionate entrepreneurs.

Indulge in the captivating world of The Bean Is Green, where the magical flavors of our coffees reflect the spirit of our visionary owner. With her favorites as guiding stars, we invite you to embark on a delightful journey, savoring the exquisite brews that enchant the senses. Join us in embracing the enchantment and celebrating the love for exceptional coffee and the small business community.