Ramirez Estate Coffee Farm in Dominican Republic

Ramirez Estate farmers and owner sorting through whole coffee fruits and pouring into a burlap sack on the farm in the Dominican Republic

Our extraordinary Satin n' Silk, is an organic red honey processed light roast whole-bean coffee that will awaken your taste buds with its delightful flavors. Sourced from the socially conscious Ramirez Estate in Cibao, Dominican Republic, this family-owned farm goes above and beyond to make a positive impact on their community and the environment.

At Ramirez Estate, sustainability is at the heart of their operations. They utilize fermented coffee cherries to create natural gas, which not only powers their own operation but also reduces their carbon footprint. This innovative approach is just one of the many ways they showcase their strong belief in sustainable practices.

But their commitment to making a difference doesn't stop there. The Ramirez family actively contributes to the local community by donating books and computers to schools. In one rural area, they have even taken the initiative to build and fund a new school, ensuring that children no longer have to endure long journeys of over 15 km (that's almost 9.5 miles) each way to attend class. Additionally, they assist Haitians in obtaining legal residence in the Dominican Republic, ensuring fair wages for all workers.

The exceptional care that the Ramirez Estate bestows upon the environment, their dedication to organic certification, their support for local Haitian immigrants, and their consistently high cupping scores are reflected in the wages they provide to their workers. In fact, their workers are paid roughly 300% higher wages, acknowledging their invaluable contributions.

Red Honey is the unique processing method used for Satin n' Silk. It involves a meticulous 24-hour fermentation of coffee cherries. This process allows the enzymes to break down the mucilage, enhancing the sweetness and fruitiness of the beans while maintaining a remarkable level of uniformity. Each cup of Satin n' Silk is a testament to the Ramirez Estate's exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability.

Indulge in the velvety smoothness of Satin n' Silk, knowing that every sip supports a farm that goes above and beyond to make a positive impact. By choosing our organic red honey processed light roast whole-bean coffee, you become part of a movement that values sustainability, community empowerment, and exquisite taste.

Join us on this journey where sustainability and flavor intertwine harmoniously. Experience the satin-like smoothness and silky flavors of Satin n' Silk, and be a part of the positive change with The Bean Is Green. Shop now and elevate your coffee experience to new heights with our ethically sourced and exquisitely crafted coffees.

Coffee fruits going through the Red Honey drying process on the Ramirez Estate in the Dominican Republic