FAQ's - Ask The Bean Is Green

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Once your order has been processed, we'll ship your coffee within 48 hours. You can expect to receive your order between 4-7 business days after placing it. Once your order is shipped, we'll provide you with a tracking number from USPS to keep you updated on its journey!

Q: Why should I buy whole beans?

A: We highly recommend buying whole beans for the freshest and most flavorful cup of coffee. When coffee beans are ground, they start losing their natural chemical components that give them their rich taste. By buying whole beans and grinding them just before brewing, you ensure that those flavorful compounds are preserved. Plus, buying directly from The Bean Is Green guarantees freshness, as you know exactly when the beans were roasted.

Q: How should I store my coffee?

A: To keep your coffee fresh, store it in a dark, cool, and moisture-free environment. Oxygen is coffee's worst enemy, so minimizing its exposure is key. Whether you have whole beans or ground coffee, storing them in air-tight canisters in a cool, dark area will extend their shelf life. However, once the coffee is ground, it's important to use it quickly to avoid the oils going stale and giving your coffee a bitter taste. Attention, the myth has been busted: do not store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer as it will deteriorate the quality.

Q: How should I grind my coffee?

A: Grinding your coffee to the right consistency is crucial for achieving the perfect cup. Here's a breakdown of the different grind sizes:

  • Extra Coarse: Similar to small pebbles. Perfect for Cold Brew.
  • Coarse: Resembles coarse salt. The best grind for French Press or Pour Over.
  • Medium: Comparable to brown or white sand. If you're using a machine drip (aka old school coffee pot), K-Cup, or siphon - this grind is for you!
  • Fine: Similar to regular table salt or sugar. Best for espresso or a moka pot.
  • Extra Fine: Comparable to powdered sugar. Typically used for the exotic Turkish Coffee Pot - use with experience. 

Q: Why does the grind matter?

A: The grind size affects the contact time between water and coffee, directly influencing the extraction process. Finer grinds expose more surface area, requiring less time for brewing, while coarser grinds need more time. It's all about finding the right balance to achieve the desired flavor profile.

Q: How long does brewed coffee last?

A: Once brewed, our coffee is best enjoyed within 10-12 hours before it starts to lose its optimal taste and flavor. So brew it fresh and savor the moment!

Q: Is an espresso blend only for making espresso?

A: While espresso blends are designed to excel in the espresso brewing process, they can be enjoyed in various brewing methods. "Espresso" beans are like any other coffee beans, but they are often roasted or blended differently to enhance their extraction on espresso machines. However, our Espressions blend, for example, holds its own when brewed in a machine or by hand, offering a balanced and versatile cup of coffee.

Q: How much caffeine is in coffee? 

A: On average, a cup of coffee contains around 95mg of caffeine. The percentage of coffee dissolved during brewing remains consistent across different brewing methods, ensuring a similar caffeine content regardless of how you brew your coffee.

Q: What's the difference between light, medium, dark, and espresso roast?

A: The difference lies in the amount of heat the beans are exposed to during roasting. Lighter roasts generally have higher caffeine content and offer a bright, crisp flavor. Medium-roasted coffee strikes a balance with medium acidity and a well-rounded flavor profile. Dark roasts have a heavy body, and low acidity, and often feature an oily surface. Espresso blends are specially crafted to make espresso brewing easier but can be used for any type of coffee. Our espresso blend finds a happy medium, delivering a unique flavor profile.

Q: Is coffee good for you? What are the health benefits?

A: Coffee contains caffeine, a widely consumed stimulant known for enhancing alertness and physical performance. It has also been linked to potential weight loss benefits by increasing metabolic rate. Additionally, coffee provides essential nutrients such as B vitamins, manganese, and potassium, which are important for a healthy diet. While studies are inconclusive, coffee consumption has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer like liver and colorectal cancer. **WE ARE NOT A DOCTOR**

The FAQ section aims to educate customers, guide them in making informed decisions about their coffee preferences, and ensure they have an enjoyable experience with The Bean Is Green. Don't see a question/answer listed? Please feel free to shoot us an email heythebeanisgreen@gmail.com - We will be happy to help!